summer themed easter basket


I had so much fun putting together Greylen’s Easter basket. This summer, she will actually be able to enjoy the beach and the pool and if she’s anything like me, that means we’ll be outside…a lot. So, for Easter, she’s getting all of her summertime essentials! I love themed gifts and besides the hat and sunglasses that I just bought for fun, I’d probably buy most of this anyways this summer. Let’s be honest, she will be most excited about the puffs I put into the little eggs so I might as well fill the basket with stuff she actually needs! The best part is that I got most it at Target and Old Navy so it’s totally something you can throw together last minute. Here’s what’s in her summertime basket:

basket (this was a gift we got when G was born. awesome idea!)
Bathing suits (I think I’m most excited about this one but all are linked below.)
poolside hat
flip flops
towel (just grabbed a $5 bath towel because it was cheaper!)
shorts (this line at Target is the BEST!)

You could totally add more – beach toys, bubbles, goggles and sunscreen would all be awesome additions. I also think it would be cute to put all of this in a sand bucket instead of a basket!


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What do you think? Do you like themed gifts?! Share your ideas below!