the BEST $1 (kids’) kitchen upgrade

This might be one of my favorite DIYs EVER.

First things first…a question I get all the time is what brand Greylen’s kitchen is. It’s KidKraft and I would 1000% recommend it. The price and quality are amazing. We will definitely have it for years and years.

Greylen gets SO much use out of this kitchen and I was looking for a fun snow day project (this weather has been crayyyy!) to do with her so we decided to give this area a little upgrade.


I can’t believe I’m even sharing the before photo because it’s notttt pretty. And, because I just didn’t get around to organizing (and G plays with it constantly), this is what it looked like 90% of the time…


After a quick trip to two of Grey’s favorite stores (Target and Dollar Tree) and about 20 minutes (if that), we totally transformed her kitchen!

The best upgrade? $1 (!!!!!) “wallpaper” that’s just a roll of contact paper from Dollar Tree. Originally, I was going to peel the backing off and actually stick it to the kitchen but as I was cutting it I realized that we I might get sick of the design so I simply used tape to keep it in place…SO minblowingly EASY (can you tell I’m proud of myself?!). Some baskets, a few dollar spot jars and a $1 dishtowel anddddd we had ourselves quite the little remodel! The best part is that it made her even more excited about a toy that she already loves and uses all the time. See below for the after photos – what a difference!