the easiest houseplants to take care of

AKA…plants that I haven’t killed yet! I love having plants inside but I’m really not a plant expert. Admittedly, I don’t always do my research or give them the attention they deserve. These are the ones that I have found SUPER easy to take care of. Sometimes I miss a watering. Sometimes they don’t see the light of day for a little while. And, while they aren’t all perfect, they are just fine!

Snake plants

I am almost positive you can’t kill a snake plant (though I probably just jinxed myself). I’ve had this one for years and have even been able to split it a couple of times as it has gotten bigger. I love it!

Rubber trees

We have two of these (I found them SUPER cheap at Home Depot) and they have held up extremely well. We keep one in Greylen’s room (one small window) and so far, so good.

ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) plants

I picked this up at our local garden shop a couple months ago just because I liked the look. Well it turns out that it’s a really popular plant that I’ve never heard of – a ZZ plant! I want more! However, I just read that they are poisonous so be sure to keep away from curious pets/kids.

I have found Fiddle Leaf Fig trees to be hard to take care of (I think I’ve killed 2…maybe 3…) and spider plants (a few are pictured but they aren’t doing as well as the others!) have been a bit of a challenge for me as well. Succulents have been hit or miss but the last few I got are still alive and kickin’! The other plants pictured are newer so I’m not quite sure how they will hold up yet!

Oh! And, my favorite watering can is this one from Ikea. It’s big and it looks cute sitting out! This one is cute too!

What are your favorite indoor plants?