the jewelry I wear every single day


This post could also be titled “the jewelry I never take off” because that’s 100% true. I’m so lazy when it comes to jewelry so all of this is real life, all day tested…I’m talking shower proof, lotion proof, sleep proof, etc.¬†Anywayssss, here is what I wear all the time!

Obviously, I wear my engagement ring and wedding bands daily. My engagement ring is an emerald cut with a halo and I have two small diamond bands I wear with it. I still love it just as much (if not more!) than the day I got it. I’ll never change it!

My right hand rings are from Au-Rate (see the full ring collection – literally love them all!) and Mark & Graham. I wear one for Ben (this one) and then one for each of my babies/pregnancies. Grey’s has mine and her birthstone on it and Nixy’s is a tiny diamond (because he was such a tough guy during his NICU stay!). I love this stack and the meaning behind it so much. I never take these off. Ever!

I got my ears pierced when I was just a couple months old (and got Grey’s done around the same time!) but the others I have in now all came later in life. I have my rook done (my mom, sister and I all have it!) and then doubles on one ear lobe and triples on the other. I have had a few cartilage piercings in the past and I’m thinking of getting those again. I think I have a piercing addiction! I don’t have any tattoos but I feel like this is my version, ha! In my first holes, I wear these Au-Rate mini gold bars (I love that you can buy one or a set!). My second and third holes are just the earrings that came with the piercing. I haven’t changed them yet! My rook is a gold hoop from Amazon.

I usually wear a small necklace each day. I have a couple necklaces with the kid’s initials (you can find them on Etsy!) and a moon phase necklace for the days they were born.

That’s it…pretty basic!

Besides the jewelry, we have to talk about this sweats set (pants here but the sweatshirt isn’t online right now). I’m wearing an XS in both – it fits very oversized. Aerie is killing the comfy clothes game right now. I stocked up on a bunch of basics including these same joggers in green, this amazing henley and this one, too! Funny story, though…the outfit I’m wearing in this post is currently sitting in the washer because I spilled a glass of red wine on it at dinner tonight. Might be rebuying!

Lastly, a great Shopbop sale is currently going on right now through Monday. Save up to 25% using the code ‘SPRING.’ I definitely need to stock up on some dresses for upcoming weddings!

What jewelry do you never take off?