the shorts you need for spring + summer

When it comes to shopping for shorts, I feel about the same as I feel about shopping for jeans or bathing suits…I don’t love it. But, I feel like I finally know what fits my body-type and what I feel best in! Here are some of my favorites for spring and summer:


On casual days (aka most days), I’ve been rotating between fleece shorts and biker shorts (dare I say they’re back?!). The fleece shorts I love are from Aerie (these are similar and $14 but I’m also ordering these as we speak) and my biker shorts are from Forever 21. They were under $4. Yep, you read that right.

Every day

The 501 denim shorts style from Levi’s is great. I admit, they are a little short so if you’re looking for something longer, check out some of their other styles. I’m always impressed with the quality and color options! Pro tip: if there’s an outlet by you, they always run great sales!

Dressy (ish)

I realllllly love the fit and style of these American Eagle shorts. So much so that I bought them in two different patterns! They are such a steal for the price (about $25 now). They fit loose around the thighs and just right around the waist (not too tight at all)! These are definitely going to be a summer staple. Find them in leopard here.

Not mentioned are paperbag waist shorts, which I love but, I don’t own any (yet!). How cute are these?!

What’s your favorite style of shorts?