the spring shoes i keep reaching for (most under $50!)

black and white // embellished // straw // leopard // pink // blue

If you’re on the hunt for spring shoes, this post is for you! We’ve had a couple spring-like days this season and they have been aahhhhmazing! It feels so refreshing to be able to reach for light clothes and slip-on shoes instead of chunky boots. And all of those pictured up there are the ones I’m talking about! Some are from last year but most are from this year and ALL of them are a steal. Add in a pair of cute tennis shoes (because you know that’s actually what I am wearing most of the time…) and this is more than what you need for spring!

No one in our house is feeling great this week (me included) so we are taking it prettttty easy. I have fun plans with friends all this weekend so I’m hoping I can kick whatever this is quickly! Make sure you are following me on Instagram to see what I’m up to…and, I just ordered a few new house things that I can’t wait to share!