the tennis shoes i’m loving right now





There have been a lack of outfit posts (or really any posts) here lately. We officially have a 6 month old and for some reason, the last month was way crazier than the first five. Fun and amazing…but crazy. My “outfits” have pretty much been consisting of the easiest thing to throw on each day. Enter my adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes. They go with everything and I’ve been wearing them non-stop. They definitely take me back to middle school (remember when Superstars were all the rage?!). Think of these as Superstars’ cooler, older sibling. No hard shell toe or colored stripes. Perfect with shorts, dresses, jeans, you name it!

I have the navy but absolutely love, love, love the red and white on white. And, these ones just might be in Greylen’s future. Just as an FYI, they hurt the first time I wore them but have been great ever since. And, they run really big so make sure you order a full size down!