thoughts on having 2 babies (+ some maternity photos!)

You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent here and on my Instagram. I’m about 32 weeks pregnant now and it’s getting hard! Not to mention, Greylen, who has always been so sweet and fairly easy has also been a little bit harder these days. It’s easy to get frustrated with a 2 year old (duh) but I am constantly reminded that in just a few short weeks, it won’t be just her anymore and I am filled with so many emotions.

We are NOT naming our baby waffle (or at least I don’t think we are…ha). Greylen named her brother after her favorite food months ago and we’ve just been referring to him as waffle ever since! We haven’t finalized a name yet…if you have any suggestions, send them my way. Boy names are tough!

I’m nervous!
I feel like we’ve just found a routine with 1 baby and here we go shaking things up again! True to myself, I’m already so nervous about a lot of things – do we have enough stuff? Is he head down yet? How will labor and delivery go? Is Greylen going to be jealous? How will I love another baby just as much? I assume this is all normal but it’s pretty consuming at the moment…

I’m a little sad for Greylen
I am with Grey a lot and I find myself just looking at her and crying sometimes (hormones are real, friends) thinking about the fact that it won’t be just her anymore! However, I try to remember that the whole point of having another baby is to give Grey a sibling! My sister and brothers are some of my favorite people in the world and I truly hope that is the case with G and her brother. I also know that she’s ready for something new (we are looking at some schools next week – yiiiiiikes) and she will really be into her new role as big sister! It’s kind of like when we had Greylen. I was “mourning” the loss of my old life, my freedom and my sleep but what I didn’t know was that the BEST was yet to come. Being a mom is the greatest gift and I know the love in our house is going to just keep growing with this new babe! Until then, we are trying to make her feel special (JUST finished her big girl room!) and spend lots of time with her!

I’m excited
Above all, I am so excited and so ready for this little man to join us. I loved my labor and delivery experience with Grey (LOVED it!) and so I’m looking forward to that part (along with being nervous and anxious for it). I also really enjoy the newborn stage (snuggles all day!). I get tears in my eyes thinking about Grey coming to meet him at the hospital. There’s just so much to look forward to!

If you’re a mom of 2 (or more!), did you feel this way as you got closer to delivery? Please share!

Photos by Little Bit Perfect // See more of their fantastic work here, here and here