tips for buying baby clothes


dress: c/o little foot clothing co.



dress: c/o little foot clothing co.

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One of my favorite things about having a little girl is dressing her up. It’s seriously SO fun not to mention shopping for her is much easier (and cheaper!) than shopping for myself.

When I first thought about all of the clothes needed for a baby, I was overwhelmed and had to idea where to start. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

Sizing is all over the board
Like any clothing, sizing varies greatly by brand so don’t assume that the tag is always accurate. I kept a couple things in Grey’s drawer way too long thinking they would fit later on and they didn’t. When in doubt, buy larger!

Expect to get clothing as gifts
If you’re having your first baby, wait to buy until after your baby shower. People love buying baby clothes so you’ll get plenty. Take note of which sizes you receive and then go from there. Keep in mind people may also gift you clothing once the baby is born. I found that people gifted a lot of smaller sizes so it might be better to stock up on larger sizes.

It’s okay to splurge on a couple things
Everyone told me not to spend a lot of money on baby clothes. And believe me, I agree to a certain extent. I waited for sales and got most of Greylen’s things super, super cheap. However, I definitely splurged on a couple of clothing items and I’m so glad I did! I love that they are special and I will definitely keep them in her baby box for her to have someday.

Newborn does not equal 0-3
I had no idea that 0-3 months was even a size. I mistakenly thought that newborn clothes would fit her until she was in 3-6 month clothing. Pregnancy brain, maybe? I was scrambling to shop when she grew out of her newborn clothes and didn’t fit into her 3-6 month ones yet!

Don’t buy too far in advance
I had no idea how big Greylen was going to be or how fast she was going to grow. I stocked up on clothes up to 6 months and that has worked out pretty well so far. Especially because we live in a place with such drastic temperature change season to season, I didn’t want to guess when she’d be in fall clothes and guess wrong. Plus, it’s fun to go on a mini shopping spree every couple months!

Folding is easier than hanging
I hang all of my stuff so I figured I would hang all of Greylen’s too. I bought tons of little hangers for her closet and do you want to know how many I’ve used? Five. Turns out folding baby clothes is wayyy easier. Don’t go overboard on hangers.

Ease is key
Especially when she was a newborn, we were changing Greylen’s diaper all the time. Ease is definitely key. Baby overalls are super cute but take it from me, they are a pain to get on and off. The dresses she is wearing in these photos are perfect and easy as can be!

What tips do you have for buying baby/kids clothes? I’d love to hear them all…I’m just getting started!

Greylen’s outfits are from Little Foot Clothing Co. They have the coolest selection of kids clothes and accessories. The dresses she is wearing are comfortable, easy and stylish. Little Foot Clothing Co. sells everything from dresses to shorts to rompers and all of their stuff comes in the prettiest patterns. I want to buy everything!

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