treat yourself this valentine’s day

Tis’ the season for love and why not love yourself?! Here’s a couple things you can buy/do for YOU this Valentine’s Day!

Have you seen those make your own candle spots (like The Candle Lab or Cleveland Candle Co. locally)? I haven’t tried one yet but I’ve heard good things. Would be so fun to do with a friend for a night out!

We do heart shaped pizzas every Valentine’s Day in our house and I couldn’t recommend it more. You can definitely find them locally but we’ve had Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s (try the cookie, too!) shipped as well. Both arrive packed with dry ice and are great! There’s still time to order and get them in time! 🙂

Certainly you’ve heard of Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear line, SKIMS, right? But, did you know that they also have all kinds of undergarments in sizes XXS-5X. I personally love the bodysuits…just be sure to get on the “restock” email list for anything you’re eyeing. Just read that they are also available at some Nordstrom stores now, too!

These Barefoot Dreams blankets are all the rage right now. This one is my favorite! I’m not sure if I can justify the price but I do love a good blanket so maybe if it goes on sale, I will splurge someday.

We do Hello Fresh a couple of times a month, which certainly makes life easier, but you know what would be even better and more fun? A wine subscription! I’ve looked at Vinebox, Winc and Firstleaf. Most offer some kind of deal for first-time subscribers. If you have any recommendations for one you have enjoyed, please share!

I have mentioned my AU-Rate gold rings on here before and I still swear by them. I have this one, this one and this one but I have had my eye on this one forever!

If you’ve had your eye on a new curling iron or straightener (they can be so expensive!), see if there are any sales around Valentine’s Day. I got this set on majorrr sale about a year ago and I love it!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?