what i bring to every wedding i attend

Summer wedding season has come and gone but fall wedding season is in full swing! More and more people seem to be getting married in the fall in Cleveland and I absolutely love it! Here are the things I bring to every wedding I go to:


A gift!
Obviously. But it’s so easy to forget. These days, no matter how early I start getting ready, it’s always hectic getting out the door. The gift is the first thing I pack the morning of a wedding, way before I even start getting ready. I usually just go with a card and $$ because it’s easy but a personalized gift is always fun too!


A clutch
Now that I carry my diaper bag around most of the time, I get really excited when I can ditch it for a clutch. Don’t get me wrong, I still love that bag, but there’s something a teeny tiny bit refreshing about not carrying around 10 lbs of baby stuff every once and awhile. My all time favorite is my Clare V clutch (best purchase ever) but I’ve been getting a ton of use out of this Botkier bag too (first seen in this post). Both are neutral enough to go with pretty much any dress I would wear to a wedding!

Bronzer and lipstick
I don’t pack my whole makeup bag with me when going to a wedding. It’s just not worth it and I never end up using it anyways. With that being said, weddings are usually all day events so I always bring bronzer (this one is my all time favorite) and lipstick (I always love the Color Sensationals by Maybelline) to freshen up in between the ceremony and reception.


Flip flops
Always. I don’t care if I’m wearing heels or flats, I never go to a wedding without a pair of flip flops to change into. I learned the hard way after way too many glass pieces to the foot while barefoot dancing. Even if you do happen to make it the whole night in heels, flip flops are great for the walk to the car or the ride home. Havaianas are my favorite but anything will do!


What do you bring with you to weddings?!