what i love (and don’t love!) about being pregnant the 2nd time around

sweater: dillard’s (similar)
booties: jeffrey campbell
jeans: old navy
sunglasses: c/o monarchy eyewear

Being pregnant the 2nd time is so different. It’s gone so fast and it’s definitely been more laid back. I’m also enjoying it a lot more than I did the first time. Here are some of the things I’m loving about it (and a few that I’m not)!

What I love

Grey’s reaction to everything
It’s so fun! Grey gets excited to see my stomach grow, “talk” to her brother and talk about him! I have no idea if she understands that he’s actually going to come live with us (or that he’s NOT going to be like the baby from her favorite movie, Boss Baby) but for now, she is really excited and it’s a blast.

I cut caffeine completely when I was pregnant with Greylen but this time I’m having some coffee daily! It’s a game changer and I really feel like I need it. That morning cup of coffee gets me out of bed in the morning! Come to think of it, I’ve been more lenient about pretty much everything and it’s been great.

That the baby’s room is pretty much done
We are using the same crib and rocking chair for this room as we did in Greylen’s room. She got a “big girl room” around her birthday (the decor changes were pretty minor but I’ll do a post on it soon!) so we just moved everything into the baby’s room. We owned the dresser already and are just going to change the knobs/pulls to update it. So besides decor, there’s not much left to do! I’ve picked up a couple things here but the whole process has been stress-free!

How fast it’s been going
Between moving and furnishing a house, a crazy 2 year old and just daily life, we’ve been so busy! The first time around, all I thought about was being pregnant/birth/the baby. The weeks dragged on! Now, I literally forget I’m pregnant some days. I’m already almost 24 weeks and I can’t believe it!

That I (kind of) know what to expect
I don’t know if you ever really know what to expect because every pregnancy and birth is different but I feel much more calm this time because I’ve been through this before. I loved giving birth so much and can’t wait to do it again!

What I don’t love

My skin!
It’s either just really dry skin or a pregnancy rash (I’ll know more next week) but my skin has been terribly itchy, red and just all around bad. I don’t know what the deal is but it’s getting hard to handle!

Being sick
Same as the first time, I was really sick for about 16-18 weeks and it wasn’t fun.

Choosing a name
Choosing Greylen’s name was fairly easy. We are having a really hard time this time. Boys names are super hard IMO! We did try this baby name app which was fun but didn’t really help. If you have any awesome boys names that you don’t mind sharing, send them my way!

What do you love (or not love) about being pregnant?