what i’m packing for…disney!

If you’re reading this, we are either on our way to or in Orlando! I’m super excited to take Greylen to Disney. She is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey and I know we are going to make the best family memories. I did a lot of research when planning (what to bring?! what to wear?! what’s a fast pass?!) so I wanted to share some of the things I ended up packing! Have a great rest of the week!

In my suitcase…

First off, my luggage set is new! I have had my eye on Calpak luggage for as long as I can remember but it was never super high on my priority list (it’s a bit of an investment!). Well, I walked into TJMaxx the other day and they had a set of 3 for $150 in the exact color I wanted! I. was. so. excited. I have a lot of trips coming up and this set is perfect for our whole fam! Here is a similar style available at Nordstrom Rack. I’m also obsessed with this set!


Comfortable outfits – We are going to the parks for 2.5 days so I plan to be as comfortable as possible during that time! Jean shorts and t-shirts will be my go to. I planned all of my outfits ahead of time so I can just throw them on and go!

Sports bras – I’m telling you, comfort is literally all I care about!

Tennis shoes and socks – I expect we will be doing a lot of walking so I’m bringing all my favorite tennis shoes…Converse, Nike and Adidas!


Disney shirt and ears – The things we do for our kids, ya know?! Definitely never thought I’d be sporting a Disney shirt and Minnie ears but Greylen is obsessed soooo…done. Ears are one of the things I am packing vs. buying in the park to save a little money. I got these ones on Amazon…so cheap!


For the park…

Backpack – My Herschel backpack is my favorite for trips like this. It’s easy to clean and it’s perfect for holding a day’s worth of essentials! I’ll use it as my carry-on and then wear it on the days we go to the parks.

Autograph book for G – Another thing I am packing vs. buying in the park to save money. I read that a clickable Sharpie is best for signing autographs so I am bringing a couple of those too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 2.10.32 PM

Water bottles – It’s going to be 90 degrees so yeahhh, we’re going to be thirsty!

Sunscreen, sunglasses and a couple mister fan bottles – Again, 90 degrees.

Hand sanitizer – No description needed.

Snacks – I’m hoping that having snacks and water on hand will make waiting in lines a little easier on Grey!

Park tickets – We are going to Seaworld, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Magic Kingdom!

My Disney Experience app – I have had this app downloaded on my phone for a couple of weeks now and it’s awesome! It has a map of the parks, ride wait times, show times, information about characters/dining, etc. I already used it to book our fast passes and a couple dining reservations and I’m excited to use it at the park!


A phone charger – I can’t even imagine how many pictures I’m going to take!

A small wallet/card holder – I just bought one like this for traveling and I love the size. It fits a couple cards, my ID and some cash.

For Greylen…

Lots of activities for the plane – I have flown with Grey before and it has been pretty easy however, she’s older this time so I know it won’t be as simple. I am bringing some new toys, my iPad and coloring books (she’s obsessed!). We’ve also been talking to her a lot about going on an airplane to try and get her excited for it. If all goes well, I’ll do a post with my tips!


Sleep sheep and blanket – This should make her feel a little more at home when sleeping at the hotel!

A stroller – Hopefully she will be cool with sitting in her stroller for some of the day. Maybe she will even take a nap in there (wishful thinking!)?!

Swim suits, swim diapers, etc. – We aren’t going to the parks every day so I’m hoping to squeeze in some pool time!

Minnie & Mickey stuffed animals and a couple cheap light up toys – Are you sensing a theme here with us bringing things with us in order to save money?! The stuffed animals we are bringing were $5 and I know the ones at the park will be way more expensive. Same goes for the light-up toys. She is way too young to care about what kind she has so I think she will be a-okay with these ones!

Cute outfits, ears & shoes – I couldn’t help it! I’m definitely going to try to snap some outfit photos and do a round-up when we get back!


If you have any Disney tips, send them my way!