what i’m stocking up on for baby #2

As expected, prepping for baby #2 is way different! Instead of reading every baby must-have checklist available and registering, I just headed over to my parent’s house (where I store all of our baby stuff that’s not in use) and sifted through what we already have. There’s only a small list of things that we’ve been stocking up on!

Clothes – Like I mentioned here, I didn’t do as good of a job buying gender neutral clothes for Grey as I thought I did SO I’ve been busy looking for things for this little man’s wardrobe. I’m still having a much harder time finding boy clothes…let me know if you have any favorite stores or small shops!

Blankets/swaddles – Again, didn’t do a great job buying gender neutral blankets and swaddles either so I’m stocking up on those as well. Some of my favorite shops to find those are Lou Lou & CompanyCopper Pearl and Fawn and Sage.

Monitor with 2 cameras – Greylen just started sleeping in her big girl bed a month or so ago so I definitely still need to have a camera in her room and the baby’s room! I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never sleep again.

Double stroller – The verdict was still out on this for awhile (I just didn’t see myself using it) but after hearing some other people’s opinions, it sounds like we need one, especially for walks and summer outings.

Nursery decor – We are using a lot of the big stuff from Greylen’s room (chair, crib, etc.) but it’s been fun to pick out some accessories for the new nursery. There’s no real “theme” but it’s just a lot of natural wood and fun textures! This rug totally makes the room and is super affordable.

New bottles/nipples/pacifiers/breastfeeding stuff – This is the stuff that just gets gross after one baby…definitely not reusable. I am trying these bottles this time around (I had the glass ones last time but they ended up leaking everywhere) and love these pacifiers.

Sleep Sheep – Grey is obsessed with her Sleep Sheep. She sleeps with it every single night and we could never take it away from her. So, we will definitely be getting another one for this baby in hopes that he will love it just as much!

Calendar – I want to try to do the same things I did for G for this baby, starting with this baby’s first year calendar (I wrote about my love for it here). It will be so fun to fill out and maybe Grey can help me decide to write each day.

I’m so much less overwhelmed with the prep process this time around but I’m sure I’m still forgetting a few things. If you have any suggestions for what to stock up on, let me know!