what i’m stocking up on for baby #3!

With each baby, my list of to-dos and to-buys seems to get shorter and shorter, ha. Here are a couple of the things we are stocking up on for baby #3:

Nixon has informed me that he will be sharing exactly 0 of his blankets with his new brother so new blankets and swaddles it is! Copper Pearl have been my go-to blankets this time around. They are so big and soft! My kids love a tight swaddle (we’ve never used a sleep sack) so I think these will come in handy! I also grabbed this one from Amazon because I thought it was so cute!

Moses Basket
I am soooo excited to be partnering with LuliLuli to share more about their African Moses baskets. First off, this is a Cleveland-based company and you know I love that! I have ALWAYS wanted one of these and am so happy to finally have one. Seriously, how cute is it?! He should fit in it until he is about 3 months old (or until he can roll) and I love that he can sleep in it at night but that I can also take it off the stand and use it around the house during the day. So convenient and convenience I will need! Follow them on Instagram here to learn more about the company and be sure to use the code ‘RACHEL15’ for 15% off.

We are trying the Boon bottles this time around. I used Avent with the other kids but I never really loved them.

Breastfeeding stuff
I just ordered my breast pump through insurance today and though I don’t see needing to pump as much this time around, I am going to grab a battery pack and milk storage bags. Semi-related, I got this night light for when we are up with him in the middle of the night. I heard it’s a good one!

Pacifiers and teethers
I purchased some of the BIBS pacifiers because it’s our last baby and why not?! I am also trying a couple new teethers – this one from Target and a couple Mushie ones from Amazon. Those never seem to last from baby to baby.

I always thought I would dress my kids every day and with Grey, I pretty much did. Nixon? Not so much. Baby #3? Not a chance in the world. Pajamas/sleepers all day! I am trying these from Amazon (pictured above in green). The quality seems really great!

All in all, I think we are ready! And if we aren’t, then Amazon to the rescue. 🙂

Photos by Little Bit Perfect