What’s in my Diaper Bag for ME + Argo Tea in Strongsville!

Obviously, it’s important to fill your diaper bag with essentials for your babe. That’s the point, right?! But, while all of that is great and helpful, let’s be honest, it has to double as your purse too. So, here’s a little look at what I have in my diaper bag for myself!

Wallet (and keys, sunglasses, phone) – Basically, all of the essentials. My sister got me this wallet (color is luggage) for Christmas and it’s been awesome. It fits my phone and is big enough to double as a clutch when I don’t need to carry around my entire diaper bag. 


Chapstick – Can’t leave home without it! Here is my favorite.

Hand sanitizer – I’ve definitely become more of a germaphobe since having a kid. Hand sanitizer is a necessity. These in the travel size are great for both me and Grey.

Drinks – I always have water in my bag but when I’m in the mood for something a little different, I love these Argo bottled tea drinks. They are 100% natural and are made with premium loose-leaf teas, fruit juices and spices. They are so, so delicious! My favorite is the Hibiscus Tea Sangria (seriously, how good does that sound?!). Have you tried them? If not, this coming weekend (April 27-30), stop by the Strongsville Costco to sample some (gotta love those Costco samples)! If you love it as much as I do, you’ll be able to snag some on sale- $16.99 for a mix-n-match case. I’ll be stocking up for sure! If you aren’t in the Cleveland area or can’t stop this weekend, Argo Tea is also available in many stores nationwide including Walgreens, Whole Foods and 7/11.


Oh, and the best part? You can reuse the glass bottles for all kinds of things! Currently, I have some pretty spring flowers in one of my Argo Tea bottles but they’d also be perfect for filling with snacks!


My planner – I still prefer paper/pen over an electronic calendar so my planner comes with me everywhere I go!


Snacks – Not sure they are the healthiest (they kindaaa taste like a candy bar) but I love these granola bars and always have some in my bag.

Book – Grey isn’t a great napper so when she falls asleep in the car, if I have the time, I just let her sleep. This means that I’m sometimes stuck in the car in a parking lot (or even my driveway, ha!). I always pack a book in my diaper bag just in case! It also comes in handy when we are waiting for the doctor or something like that. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

That’s it! What do you keep in your diaper bag for YOU?!

Disclosure: Thank you to Argo Tea for sponsoring this post.