greylen’s headbands: my favorite etsy shops

If you’ve met my kid, chances are she had a headband on. I’m not going to lie…I’m pretty into them. Borderline obsessed actually. I love shopping small and local when I can, especially when it comes to Greylen’s clothes. But, my budget doesn’t always allow it. When I do want to splurge a little and get something from a fun shop, headbands are an affordable and adorable way to do that! Here are some of my Etsy shops to find them at:

Moose & Hippo Designs

These were the first headbands I bought for little miss G when I found out I was pregnant. I thought they would be so cute on her tiny newborn self and they definitely were! She eventually did grow out of them (around 6 months I believe) so I need to order the next size up!




Hello Miss Gorgeous

These are a different type of headband. They are long wraps that you can tie multiple different ways. In the first picture below, I have it wrapped a couple times around her head and tied in a top knot. In the second picture, it’s tied in a big bow. They are one size, so they will last forever, and they come in so many fun patterns! They are a bit tricky to tie but once you get the hang of it, they look super cute!






Love Adore

I love the little top knot look and think these are great because they can grow with her (they can be untied and retied). This shop is taking a break (per the Etsy account) but I wanted to include them anyways because I love the patterns I got and the price point was great. Keep an eye on the shop and maybe it will open back up!



Mint & Arrows (now Fawn & Sage)

This headband came with Greylen’s newborn swaddle as part of a set and she wore it a lot during her first few months of life. It will always be a special one to me and will definitely go in her baby box! You can buy as a set like I did or you can buy some of the patterns individually.




I got a set of these cute little bow headbands as a gift from a friend and Grey wore them all the time when they fit her! They are elastic so they started fitting a couple weeks after she was born and stretched to fit for a couple more months after that. The colors are all really neutral so they will go with a lot!



Finding Sunshine Co

Another fun place to get top knot headbands. I just ordered 3 colors and they have been getting a ton of use. Again, these are adjustable so they should last for a long time!


Do you have any favorite Etsy shops for headbands? Share!