where i’ve been shopping for home decor

pillows here, here and here // couch // rug

Why, hello there! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a hard time getting myself back in gear after a holiday. Or maybe ever. I got a really bad cold around Christmas and have literally been down for the count ever since. It’s been bad! I finally got some on some medicine this week and I feel like I’m starting to get better. I have to be, right?! That and the insanely cold weather has kept us pretty much indoors the past couple of weeks and has given me quite a bit of time to browse for home decor. Things have been going…slowly…when it comes to decorating our new home. One because I’m trying to find things I truly, truly love and two because money, duh. Anyways, today I’m sharing some of the places I’ve been loving lately!

Target – Number 1 on this list and number 1 in my heart. I swear more than half of our house is going to be furnished with Target purchases. I don’t mean for it to happen but I just can’t help it! One tip I have is to shop online. They have a ton of stuff that isn’t sold in stores so you can definitely find some more unique pieces that not everyone has. The rug pictured above was purchased from Target online and was super affordable!

Wayfair – We did get a table from here (I’ll share when it arrives!) but mostly, I’ve just loved browsing this site for ideas. It has so much stuff! The sister brands, Joss & Main and All Modern are also really fun and just my style!

Lulu & Georgia – This place has the most gorgeous home decor pieces ever…if money was no object, I’d buy it all! I have been pulling a ton of inspiration from their website and have my eye on a couple of things (their rugs are insanely amazing)!

TJMaxx/Home Goods – This is an obvious one! I have found some of my best purchases ever at TJMaxx and Home Goods including a couple big things lately like a cabinet for under the TV in our room and an awesome full length mirror. When our room is finished (and clean!), I’ll snap a pic. It’s obviously always hit or miss with places like this but it’s worth it!

Crate and Barrel – Although a ton of it is from our wedding, our entire kitchen and some of our home decor pieces are from Crate and Barrel. Everything has lasted since we got it (5 years ago!) and is still very much in style.

H&M – Did you know that H&M has home stuff? I didn’t until I stumbled inside one with a ton of home decor in New Orleans. It’s cute and like most things from H&M, affordable!

CB2 – This is a Crate & Barrel brand that I love and another fun one to browse! I haven’t purchased anything major on here yet but I have my eye on a couple of things that I’m still thinking about.

West Elm – I got the best deal on a dining room (or kitchen – can’t decide!) table at West Elm that I’ll be sharing soon. I have a couple other things from here and it’s always really high quality and seems to stay in style forever.

Urban Outfitters – Another one of my favorite clothing stores with a home line. They definitely carry some unique pieces that not everyone has and I’ve noticed they keep getting a bigger and bigger selection!

World Market – The first things I bought for our new house were this couch and 2 of these chairs (all on sale now!). I never really thought to look for furniture at World Market but then I saw those pieces set up in the store and I was like YEPPP, you’re coming home with me.

Some other places that are newer to me but seem really cool are Chairish, Hayneedle and IWOOT.

So, here’s my question for all of you. Where do you like to shop for home decor? At this point, I’m looking for a couple bigger furniture pieces (a media console, chairs for our kitchen and dining room tables, etc.) and smaller home decor pieces (stuff to hang on the walls, knick knacks for shelves, etc.). I’d love to hear about your favorite stores!

Secondly, I put a poll on Instagram a couple days ago about what readers would like to see in 2018 and I had an overwhelming response for home decor content! So, tell me, what types of stuff would you like to see? Room reveals (when I finally finish one!)? Decorating on a budget? More posts like this (where to shop for certain things, etc.)? Leave any ideas in the comments below. Thanks in advance!