wine tasting at heinen’s downtown

Apparently I really have a thing for wine tasting in grocery stores. I hate to cheat on Market District but I was downtown this week with some time to kill and had yet to check out the new Heinen’s.


Obviously, the building is beautiful. However, the most beautiful part of the whole place is:


That’s right. Wine tasting machines. This was unlike any wine tasting experience I’ve ever had. You prepay and fill up a card with money. You then treat that card like a debit card and go around to the machines around the store and SWIPE THE CARD FOR WINE TASTES. Can you say best. invention. ever.? I filled up my card with $20 (you get charged a $3 fee for anything less so why not?!) and I got about 8 tastes. You can choose from 1 oz, 3 oz and 5 oz pours. I did mostly 1 oz pours because I wanted to try as many as possible and depending on the type of wine, those cost $1.50-3. They also have some really nice wines (we’re talking $18/1 oz pour) if that’s what you’re into.

They also have food (both prepared food in the grocery store and made to order food) but I was wayyyyy too busy drinking to try any of that this time around.

What I love about this is that you can do it at any time and at your own pace. It’s always nice to go to an organized wine tasting but this is just another really cool and unique way to do it! Cheers!